Introducción al mundo de Audio digital y podcasts.

In a very special episode live from Kildare Village, model, influencer and fashion designer Emma Louise Connolly is our guest this week. She chats to Marie about the inspirations for her personal style, taking risks and having fun with fashion, and her top tips on how to dress up or down in a way that suits you.

When clothes are the ultimate form of identity and self-expression. How’s a girl to define herself? Whether you’re rocking the latest in athleisure or strutting your stuff in a pencil skirt and heels, what you wear is a powerful tool. I mean, did you know you could gamify fashion.
this episode, they talk about Edamburu hairstyle worn by Mangbetu women in the early 20th century, this entity shows and identifies theses women in these predetermined eras.
Jasmine reveal the history of the Panama Hat (which is actually the Toquilla Hat) that does not originate from Panama. The woven’s hat originated and is still manufactured in Ecuador.
Joy and Jasmine introduce a 3 part series focused on the “ideal body” in fashion. In this first episode, they discuss, analyze and dissect the ideal body in Greek and Roman art and culture.
Julie thought that she wasn’t suited for memorizing, reciting facts and the typical ways she was tested in elementary and high school. What she realized in university taking art history and design history class was that she just needed the right subject to study.
The clothes we put on every day tell a story about who we are to the world and can have a major impact on our emotions and mood.
These variety on episodes will take the listener in this ride were they will be shown the revolution of fashion and its aspects.

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